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Our Wedding Dance Experts are ready to help you with your First Dance, Mother-Son Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Wedding Party Dance and more! 


Many people postpone preparing for their First Dance because they’re scared they won’t be any good or worried that they have “no rhythm” or “two left feet.” Your dance should be a fun opportunity to connect more deeply with your partner while learning something new together! Whatever your fears might be, let us put them at ease – our experts attend to every detail to create the experience that is absolutely perfect for YOU.

What our students say about us

What Our Students Say About Us!

A Great Experience from Start to Finish!

DanceArts Miami is a beautiful and spacious dance studio that opened recently. It has several rooms with dance floors designed for the safety and care of dancers’ bodies, a reception area with a welcoming Receptioniste, changing rooms, and a room for catering for parties 🎊 . There is a parking area with free parking. Now for the best part, there is a variety of classes and the teachers are kind and super qualified. – So see you all on their dance floor!

A Great Experience from Start to Finish!

Build a Community Here!

I found this studio shortly after moving to Miami, knowing that if I really want to get the most out of living here, I better learn to dance. I showed up as a complete beginner with zero confidence on a dance floor. But I have learned so much in just a few short months taking classes and a few private lessons. The instructors are all fantastic, and the classes all have a very welcoming and friendly vibe for people at all levels of experience. Highly recommend!

Build a Community Here!

Prepare to AMAZE Yourself!

When I went for my first class at DanceArts Miami, I didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted to find a dance class that I can attend consistently and bond with my nieces. What I experienced was much more than that. I found a community that embraced me, supported me, pushed me to be great and have fun all at the same time. I love the positive energy the instructors give and they guide you in a way that makes you better than when you come in. The clients are great. I feel like I can be myself which is important to me. I love supporting others and being supported as well. I can promise you this, If you get through one class you will definitely feel accomplished and desire for more growth. It doesn’t matter your level, just come and be amazed at what you can do.

Prepare to AMAZE Yourself!
About Us

About Us

Hi! We are DanceArts Miami owners Esther and Dmitry. We are professional ballroom dancers and certified instructors who met through dance and went on to have an adventurous fairytale wedding in Iceland! We have a unique understanding of how to teach dance to everyone from absolute beginners to professionals, and also of how learning and practicing dance works with couples. Along with our staff instructors we bring our passion for dance and people to every lesson – that means you can relax knowing that you’ll have an amazing experience learning your wedding dance with us. We know that planning a wedding is a lot of work, and we love to take this part of it off your plate. All you have to do is show up and we will take care of the rest! Whether you want to create a romantic fairytale, be inspired by a dance movie scene, or just keep it easy and fun, we are ready to make this important moment confident and memorable! See you on the dance floor soon. 

Other services we offer

In addition to your Wedding Dance Private Lessons, group classes, and practice time are available 7 days per week – when you join us we do everything we can to help you achieve your goals including an extensive group class schedule and flexible private session scheduling! Many couples find group classes a valuable way to practice for the wedding and spend time together at the same time.

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  1. Do I have to take every lesson wit my partner? NO! Many times each person in a couple has different learning needs. While you can certainly do all or most of your dance classes with your partner many couples find it useful to take some classes individually to specific reasons – for instance if one partner has more difficulty connecting with the music, or wants to get extra practice to feel more confident. 
  2. Do we need to be good dancers or have previous training? NO! We teach using a system that is very responsive to the level of our students. So if you are an absolute beginner you’ll focus on material that is *perfect* for absolute beginners. When you are ready for more advanced material, you will have the opportunity to go up a level. 
  3. I think my partner is more advanced than I am and I’m nervous. What should I do? You should get started right away! Many people worry when they know their partner has previous dance experience, so feeling nervous is completely normal! Our experts have experience working with couples who have different levels with experience and will make sure you’re able to thrive and feel comfortable with your dancing. Practice will help build your confidence more so it is important not to delay getting started – you’ll be so glad you gave yourself enough time to feel great in the end!
  4. I think my partner is a terrible dancer. What should I do? Many times all people need is for the information to be delivered to them in a way that works for them and in a supportive environment, so you may discover that your partner is better than you think! The best thing you can do is resolve to make sure your partner feels amazing about the dance in the end. Do that by getting started with enough time for you both to practice, not be stressed about mistakes, and have plenty of time to get guidance from our Wedding Dance experts. That way you don’t need to teach your partner and they’ll feel great knowing that our Experts have extensive experience teaching beginners! If your partner needs some extra practice, our Expert may recommend that your partner take a private class or two on their own so that the learning can be more focused. Remember that they might be nervous too so bringing your patience and positive-reinforcement A-game is a great bonus.
  5. How many lessons will it take for us to learn our dance? It depends on a variety of factors including how quickly you learn, how much you practice, and how complex you want your dance to be. If you have quite a simple dance, learn quickly, but don’t have time to practice between lessons, it’ll take a different number of lessons than if you have “Dirty Dancing” level complexity (lifts!!!), learn at a slower rate, but practice every chance you get. The best thing to do is to start early, let your instructor know how complex you’d like the dance to be, and take advantage of group classes (extra practice time with guidance). Once you take your introductory session your instructor will be able to give you a better idea of how many lessons it might take you to achieve your goal. 

how to find us Get in touch or visit anytime! We would love to meet you.

250 NE 61st Street
Miami, FL 33137

[email protected]

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We’re open every day from 9am to 10pm. Sundays are available by appointment only.

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